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An Italian student visits India and meets a young Indian doctor, Dr. Sujit Brahmochary Kumar, founder of the Institute for Indian Mother and Child (IIMC), now a partner of Project for People in Calcutta.


In Italy an active group of students begins to promote awareness and raise funds on the territory. At the same time the first volunteers leave for Calcutta and support the activities at IIMC.


The initial group of volunteers is growing membership and experience. To improve the efficiency of implementation and support capabilities to regulate activities on site, we decided to found the Association of Project Calcutta.


The Calcutta Project Association is registered as a non-profit organization. The activities in health, education and micro-credit sectors are increasing. The number volunteers increases too, and the first paid staff is taken.


The association is open to new cooperation projects. They start the collaborations in Bosnia and Brazil. The philosophy of action is always the same: integrated projects, in favor of self development.


Muhammad Yunus, founder and creator of microcredit and Nobel Peace Prize 2006, mets Dr. Sujit Kumar Brahmochary at IIMC and recognizes the importance and good work in microcredit projects implemented through the cooperation and support of the association. An initial evaluation of a mission is also conducted for the future cooperation in Benin (Africa).


The Association changes its name in Project for People to better represent its evolution and its activities for the benefit of the populations of countries where it operates, not only in India but also in Salvador de Bahia in Brazil and in the Plateau in Benin (Africa).


The agricultural development project in Benin becomes reality. The local partner AFA- Association pour le Futur de l’Afrique is planting the first trees. The first institutional contributions from the City of Milan, Lombardy and Veneto Region are obtained.


For the first time, People Project has proposed to his supporters a journey to discover the continent, through the formula of responsible tourism. A group of 8 people had the opportunity to visit the project in Calcutta and meet the staff of the local partner IIMC. They have visited schools, medical clinics, banks and microcredit, and villages where Project for People operates. They had the opportunity to meet people, children and communities, who they have contributed over the years to support through the Child sponsorship program.


Project for People celebrates 20 years of activity.


Now projects in Italy.

Operating model

Project for People realizes international cooperation projects in India, Brazil and Benin promoting lasting improvement processes, based on the active participation of beneficiary communities. The commitment and the activities of the members are directed to improving the quality of life for people affected by fighting poverty and inequality. The activities of the Project for People and its members are exempt from constraints sectarian, partisan or commercial. The association values are respect for diversity, transparency and trust in people.

Areas of Intervention and Activitiy
Integrated Projects
Project for People realizes projects of development cooperation in the following areas:

  • health and food security;
  • education and human rights;
  • agricultural and economic development.

In order to realize these projects, the association is working in the following activities:

  • sharing and evaluation of projects proposed by local partners;
  • definition and preparation of projects;
  • fundraising activities and campaigns;
  • monitoring and coordination of activities during project implementation;
  • reporting of results;
  • implementation of management skills, organizational techniques and local partners;
  • implementation of management skills, organizational techniques and local partners.
Project for People offers an integrated model of intervention, addressing the main aspects in the lives of the beneficiaries. This model offers support actions related to each other, aimed at improving the livelihoods of rural communities in their various aspects.In the countries of intervention, Project for People:

  • builds health care facilities and provides medical care;
  • builds schools and provides support to children;
  • makes arable land and livestock production;
  • facilitates microloans to small business activities;
  • fosters respect for the rights of women.

In this way, the association guarantees the right to the most vulnerable to health, healthy eating, education, employment, social recognition of the role and rights of different members of the community.Besides providing immediate benefits, the adopted model provides the conditions necessary for the affected communities to participate actively in the improvement process triggered.

Promotion of Self-developmet

The Project for People projects are not welfare, but put into play the skills of local staff, developing their professionalism. The promotion of local development is always implemented through projects designed, constructed and operated in close collaboration with local partners. In this way the Association develops actions consistently adhering to the real needs of communities.

It also promotes sustainable actions in the medium to long term through human resources and local economies.

To achieve these objectives, Project for People supports, promotes and encourages:

  • the presence of local structures for the provision of basic services, especially in health and education;
  • training of local professionals in the medical, educational, engineering, economics;
  • support the growth of local economic resources in agriculture and crafts.

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