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The sponsorship at distance guarantees the Right to childhood and education to the children from Project for People in India, Brazil and Benin. It assures them food, education, clothes and medical treatment.

There are two types of Sponsorship at distance. The Individual Sponsorship allows sponsors to support a child, providing her/him education and care. The Class Sponsorship allows contributing, together with other guarantors, to scholar activities of a whole group of children.

The sponsors of single child receive, twice a year, letters, draws from the child she/he is supporting. The guarantor is also invited to write to the child. The class sponsors will be given updates on the activities at school.

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To volunteer means to work closely with professionals of Project for People; contributing, according to their own skills and attitude, to raising public awareness, fundraising and monitoring the projects in the field.

The meeting with the benificiaries on site is the most direct way to contribute to the mission of Project for People. Your experience in the health, educational and economic areas is particularly important for training and monitoring activities carried by People for People in the countries of intervention.

Volunteers abroad develop missions on site that allow attentive analyze of the necessities, monitor the activities in progress, and evaluate the project implementation.

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