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1. Why are you applying?
Explain your motivation. What do you expect to experience? Which chances and risks do you see:
2. Describe briefly your curriculum and skills.
If you are a medical student specify if you are a clinical or preclinical student and the expected date of graduation. Please realize that first and second year medical students are highly appreciated and will receive enormous consideration.
3. Did you help/support the Calcutta Village Project SISM– IFMSA activities or Associazione Progetto Calcutta ONLUS or IIMC in your country?
Describe your activities in details. Please realize that the project will give preference to volunteers that support the local committees and participate to meetings and activities:
4. Please explain in details how did you decide to apply to our project?
(surfing Internet? Local Committee of IFMSA? a friend who has already been in Calcutta?
Have you worked together /are you going to work with someone who has already been in Calcutta?
5. Do you smoke cigarettes?  
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