Volunteering programs

Health Programme

Primary Health Care.
For medical students

In the medical facilities of IIMC first aid service is delivered. The performance of the medical students is oriented to activities of dressing (clean and treatment of infectious skin diseases), blood pressure measurement, injection and bandaging of wounds.
The work is carried out in the clinics of IIMC and in the 6 medical offices. These facilities are located in the rural area, in the south of Kolkata (South 24 Parganas Dictrict). Every month are selected up to 8 volunteer medical students to join the health programme. The selection process takes place four months before the departure date, indicated by the candidate in the application form.

Coaching and medical staff training.
For qualified personnel: obstetrics, gynecologists, dentists, nephrologists
Qualified volunteers have the opportunity to support the medical and para-medical local staff, working in loco in the health facilities, allowing the professional updating trough the organization of lessons, with the support of a translator English-Bengali. This programme is open to medicals, newly graduated or attending the specialization period in medicine and nursery. The minimum leght requested is two weeks (during the whole year).

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Education Programme

Sponsorship at distance.
For students and volunteers of all ages

The Sponsorship at distance programme allows the poorest children to attend school, to receive health care and to follow a balanced diet, thanks to the support of Italian donators. The volunteer participates in the programme, collaborating with the local staff, visiting the children in their houses and schools, helping to manage the communication with the donators, update of data and supervise of the programme.

Activities with children.
For educators, students and volunteers of all ages
Project for People collaborates with the local partner in the management of the primary schools and care centres for orphan, abandoned and disable children, offering them a safe place where they can grow up supported. In the activity plan, the volunteer is daily involved in the educational and playing activities for the children. In India, in the schools, volunteers may also organize English and basics informatics directed to children and youngsters.

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Microcredit/Human Rights Programme

For students/graduates of economics and banking.

Project for People had started, in collaboration with the local partners IIMC in India, microcredit programmes with the model of the Grameen Bank di Yunus to ensure the access to credit to those who have nothing to offer as a guarantee, allowing several women to break free from mores and start an activity to provide them with an income. The programme is accessible to students and graduates in economics and banking sciences, who will support the staff, collecting information to elaborate the assessment indices, the testimonials from the beneficiaries, their needs, providing an updating of the effectiveness and efficiency of the project.

Women Peace Council.
For students/graduates of law and sociology

Project for People supports in India the Women Peace Councils, groups of around 10 women who meet daily to read and discuss about issues related with their rights, health, education of their children and to learn how to solve family and community conflicts by peaceful methods. Frequently the Women Peace Council go to the villages to visit the families and organize meetings to promote awareness to the women, using participative methodologies, such as community theatre. The programme includes the supervision of the activities of the 45 groups created till now. The volunteers are asked to participate in their activities, to collect case studies from the solved issues, to support the local staff building the programme and to develop the training days dedicated to them.

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Engineering/Architecture Programme

Innovation Programme.
For students and graduated of technical subjects: engineering, architecture, design and agrarian

The volunteers, according to their specific skills, are requested to analyze the construction methods used locally, as well as the equipment of clinics, schools and infrastructures and to apply new techniques which valorize the existing materials and technologies. Other areas of operation are the research for innovative solutions to use renewable energy resources, the supply of water resources, the application of the new technologies to counter the digital divide, the technological development of traditional activities, such as agriculture, breeding and transformation of food, to become an income source for youngsters and women. The programme includes the supervision and development of the current projects, gathering of data and studying the feasibility for new projects.

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